Bruch's Kol Nidrei recorded in his own arrangement for violin and orchestra

Bruch’s lyrical gifts are undeniable, and this disc presents us several aspects of his effusive personality.

The First Violin Concerto by Max Bruch (1838-1920) has rightly become one of the most famous pieces of Romantic music. Its lovely, arching melodies, its sumptuous harmonies and its virtuosic charm made it an instant hit, and audiences have never stopped loving it. But Bruch wrote much more that should be just as popular. His Kol nidrei, here recorded for the first time in the composer’s own arrangement for violin and orchestra, is a gorgeous elaboration of Jewish themes that Bruch knew from his time as a choral conductor in Berlin. His interest in the music of other cultures also resulted in his Serenade on Swedish Melodies. This, along with the Romance for Viola and orchestra, may have been among his very last works, but they prove that Bruch never lost the melodic freshness of his youth. The listener can here also appreciate a work from the very beginning of Bruch’s career, the bubbling, intensely melodious Overture to the opera Scherz, List und Rache op. 1, in a first-ever recording with orchestra.


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