New Historical Reviews – April 2014
… Guild has my thanks, though, since this disc is mostly excellent.
Mitropoulos really moves the Fifth Symphony along, pushing forward with an uncommon sense of urgency. The result is by turns exciting and a bit sloppy. The conductor, like many in his generation, wasn’t especially known for discipline. But when it’s good, it’s really good…
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…This is the real deal, a reminder of how great a man this was, and how wonderfully he and his successor built orchestras. Outstanding…
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Strin – January 2014
…As always, Busch combines a respect for line and movement with an understanding that the moments when the soloist risks freely improvising are the moments at which the concerto most fully comes alive. He hesitates just a second during the initial arc of the minor key interlude in the Rondo in a way which suggests it was not something he did every night but reflected something which he heard in the music that night, perhaps for the first time…
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2395 – Adolf Busch, Beethoven 1942 & 49

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