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Musik & Liturgie 3/14
…Exquisiter Hörgenuss… – 2.6.2014
…Der Organist Martin Heini bringt der Orgel mit Tango, Rumba und Paso-doble das Tanzen bei. Manches gelingt vortrefflich, anders wird vom fülligen Klang zerdrückt.…
To the full reviews -> GMCD 7401 – Tango Organtino – Organ Music played by Martin Heini

Audiophile Audition – June 2014
Sir Malcolm Sargent proves a credible leader in the music of Sibelius, a composer he well championed in performance and on records.…
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2414 – Sir Malcolm Sargent – Sibelius 1956 & 1958

MusicWeb International – June 2014
Violin buffs will be overjoyed with this release, and the opportunity to hear some captivating playing by a true master. The booklet notes, which are in English only, are written by Tully Potter, Busch’s biographer, and provide a detailed and comprehensive account of the circumstances surrounding these recording treasures…
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2406/07 – Adolf Busch: The Berlin Recordings 1921-1929

Weekend Edition of Brattleboro Reformer – 7.6.2014
This is the fifth entry in the Guild Light Music series on CDs with the title “Light Music While You Work.” It seems that the British government and BBC worked on a series of musical broadcasts to be played as morale boosters both at home and on the job…
To the full reviews -> GLCD 5211 – Contrasts: From the 1960s back to the 1920s – Vol. 1

Weekend Edition of Brattleboro Reformer – 14.6.2014
I do love this series and can recommend just about any of the 212 titles in it…
To the full reviews -> GLCD 5212 – Bright Lights

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