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MusicWeb International – October 2015

…Once again then, repertoire, conductor, soloist and the rarity of this live material constitutes a most attractive disc.
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2419 – Leopold Stokowski – Britten, Enescu, Borodin, Debussy, Bauer 1947 & 1949

…In fact, this was a disc that brought increasing pleasure with each listening. Every track is not only well directed but is also expertly performed by one or other of the orchestras. Even if your own living room isn’t quite on the scale of the Hofburg, you’ll be waltzing – or even mazurka-ing – around the coffee table before you know it.
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2421 – Sir Malcolm Sargent – On with the Dance!, 1960-1962

…I suspect that recordings of this vintage are never going to be mainstream recommendations. Nonetheless, this disc is to be welcomed as bringing two important performances back into the public eye and anyone with a particular interest in Tchaikovsky should certainly make its acquaintance.
To the full reviews -> GHCD 2422 – Goosens & Kindler – Tchaikovsky, 1940-1941

…There is something for everyone who likes light music of this period – waltzes, yes, but potpourri and selections from shows, lots of grand bands, famous directors, fine organists and good tunes.
To the full reviews -> GLCD 5228 – The Golden Age of Light Music: British Cinema & Theatre Orchestras – Vol. 4

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