GMCD 7117 – The Stanford Canticles from Ely

Ely Cathedral Choir, Paul Trepte – Director, Jeremy Filsell – Organ

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Soundscapes – February/March 1997

The Ely Cathedral Choir is more successful with their presentation of Canticle settings by Stanford, and there is an underlying warmth to the precision in their ensemble work in his Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis in B flat. The balance between organ and choir is musically conceived throughout the program, and the silky blend between the tenors and basses in the Jubilate in A is admirable.
Jangoo Chapkhana

The Friends of Cathedral Music: Issue 2/1997

The Choir of Ely Cathedral under the direction of Paul Trepte have recorded an attractive disc comprising Stanford’s Morning Services in C and A and Evening Service in B flat. Interspersed between these tracks are canticles by York Composers.
The Ely Cathedral Choir sings with great confidence works which have become the staple diet of cathedral repertoire.
I very much enjoyed the exciting organ accompaniments.
Clifford Bartlett provides informative programme notes.
Keith Dale