ZZCD 9818 – When Time Stops

The Mark Allaway Quartet

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World CD Reviews TSM Saturday 09.12.00 – Page 7

This band has been together nearly a decade and it shows. They play like old friends, clearly in tune with each other and able to give dynamic shape to a song with sheer intuition.

The raw materials are good too, with strong tunes, ranging from driving swing to Latin and acoustic fusion, written by saxophonist Allaway and bassist Phil Antonia, played virtuously by all concerned – the other half of the quartet comprises Dave Frankel on piano and David May on drums.

It might be Allaway’s band but it’s a meeting of equals.

You have to ask the question would this band be better known it they were recording in New York rather than in London? Just one of the many really solid and inventive jazz groups in this country who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Lovely stuff