ZZCD 9805 – Shades of Reflection – A New perspective on love songs from the musicals

Ann Woodfield and Martin Leberman

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Masquerade – Issue 31

Shades Of Reflection by Ann Woodfield is an agreeable if hardly taxing set of songs, well performed by Miss Woodfield accompanied by sensitive piano from Martin Leberman.

Now I hate to sound like an old cracked record but why do the vast majority of such singers draw from the same well – “Someone To Watch Over Me”, “The Rose”, “Love For Sale”, “Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered” and so on. Now to be fair to this lady she does try to cast her net a bit further trawling no less than four excellent Maltby and Shire songs (“I hear Bells”, “Autumn”, “What About today” and “I Think I May Want To Remember Today”) together with Kander and Ebb’s “My Own Space” and two songs by Flaherty and Ahrens (referred to as Flaherty and Allen on the sleeve – I halt expected to hear “Underneath The Arches!) – “Nice” and the wonderful “Times Like This”.

While not exactly indispensable, Shades Of Reflection is a pleasant and enjoyable collection.