GLCD 5193 – The Art Of The Arranger – Vol. 2



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Memory Lane – Winter 2012

It was almost inconceivable that Guild would not issue a sequel to their splendid CD, The Art of the Arranger, and sure enough Volume Two has now been released (GLCD 5193). Most of the Stars in the light music firmament were more than capable arrangers but some, such as Mantovani, rarely had time in their busy schedules to carry out this essential task. So, it is a treat to find from David Ades’ comprehensive liner notes that Monty’s superb version of When You Wish Upon A Star was scored by the maestro himselĀ£ Another highlight an the disc is the Soliloquy from Carousel performed by the Cyril Ornadel Orchestra, which was arranged by the talented Brian Fahey. Gordon Jenkins almost always did his own arranging and Dancing On The Ceiling is a wonderful example of his craft. But other than to list all 24 tracks 1 cannot do this CD properjustice so my advice is to buy it! The natural world can both thrill and frighten and many composers have done their best to capture its splendour.