GLCD 5202 – Cinema Classics: Songs And Themes From Theatre


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Brattleboro Reformer – 25.07.2013

Cinema Classics — The catalogue number of the Guild CD “Cinema Classics” is GL CD 5202. The series “The Golden Age of Light Music” started with number 5101 and so this is the 102nd set in this wonderful collection of light music, taken from a bottomless supply of British LPs.
This is one of Guild’s “thematic” sets, drawn from recordings of those films with scores still or newly pleasing to the public. Included are the title music or other musical moments from “Gone with the Wind,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “Ben-Hur,” “Exodus,” “The Harvey Girls,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Three Coins in the Fountain.”
I might suggest a party game in which these tracks are played and the guests are challenged to “name that film” (with or without the composer). But what can one do with music from such films as “The Waltz of the Toreadors,” “Circus of Horrors” and “The Trials of Oscar Wilde”?
Granted that there are countless CDs on the market with similar material. But I find great enjoyment in listening to these practically antique arrangements by orchestras such as those of Al Cailoa, Billy Vaughn, Frank Chacksfield, Roy Goodwin and even Eric Coates–among so many others.
I hope my readers will enjoy this disc as much as I do.
Frank Behrens

Memory Lane 179 – Summer 2013

GLCD 5201 – Fiddles and Bows is the title to Guilds 101st CD in their long running The Golden Age of Light Music series. The title track by Emile Deltour is performed by Roger Roger, who also features conducting two of his own compositions. Indeed, we have several other instances an this CD of multi-talented composer/conductors including David Rose, Franck Pourcel and Bernie Wayne. Two stalwarts of the British musical scene who also get in an the act are Steve Race performing his very catchy tune, Nicola, and Phil Green also impressing with his composition, Always On My Mind. For Cinema Classics (GLCD 5202) David Ades has selected some heavyweight material with the occasional heavenly choir thrown in for good measure. Consider this cast list: ‘Tara Theme’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, ‘Ben Hur’, ‘Exodus’, ‘King Of Kings’ and ‘The Big Country’. But we are also given several light hearted and romantic themes such as ‘Friendly Persuasion’, ‘Moon River’ and ‘Three Coins In The Fountain’. It is a marvellous collection of 24 tracks performed by such stellar conductors as Ron Goodwin, Tony Osborne, Robert Farnon and Cyril Ornadel. And, of course, the remastering king Alan Bunting has performed his usual magic to give a warm and clear sound.