GLCD 5211 – Light Music While You Work – Vol. 5


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Weekend Edition of Brattleboro Reformer – 7.6.2014

Music While You Work — This is the fifth entry in the Guild Light Music series on CDs with the title “Light Music While You Work.” It seems that the British government and BBC worked on a series of musical broadcasts to be played as morale boosters both at home and on the job, especially in the factories supplying the troops with what was needed in 1940 and for the next 27 years!
The recordings on the fifth disc are all from the 1940s and include many familiar pieces. Among them are “Barcarolle” (Offenbach), “Estudiantina” (Waldteufel), “Song without words” (Tchaikovsky), “Narcissus” (Nevin) [which I heard back in PS 64 when a youth], and “Melody in F” (Rubinstein). The rest of the 26 selections are equally delightful.
Among the orchestras heard are those of Harry Fryer, Richard Crean, Harold Collins, David Java and Ronnie Munro. How many British still remember them might be an interesting question!
This is number 211 in “The Golden Age of Light Music” series, and like all the others it provides nice relaxing ambient music or very interesting music for those looking for old-time pieces to play at concerts or at home.
Frank Behrens