GMCD 7212 – In a Monestry Garden- James Culp, Organ

James Culp – Organ

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Organists’ Review November 2001

Like Franz Haselböck’s disc, that by James culp was recorded a decade ago. Again there are bells in the opening work; Hugh Ware’s arrangement of Albert Ketèlby’s first great hit. Otherwise, however, the two programmes could hardly be more different. Where Haselböck is all action man, Culp brings the best out of the real humdinger of an Aeolian-Skinner in a sequence of lyrical reflections. For contrast, there is the occasional rhythmic piece; a dance by Campra, a toccata by Dubois. But more typical of Culp’s collection is Dreams, a well-crafted mood piece by Hugh McAmis (1899 – 1942), a Texan pupil of Widor and Bonnet. In turn McAmis taught Roy Perry, Culp’s predecessor in Kilgore. Here Perry is represented by the lovely Christos Putterakis. Of two Perry transcriptions, Adagio cantabile comes from Bach’s Third Sonata for solo violin. Marc Rochester’s liner notes are a bonus